Research Agenda

Currently I work on three major research projects:

The Causes & Consequences of Extreme Party Entry

How Parties & Politicians Communicate with Voters

Diffusion of Party Ideology

An overarching interest of mine is the application and advancement of quantitative methods. I use quantitative text analysis, multiple imputations, statistical simulations (e.g. Synthetic Control Methods), regression discontinuity designs, and experimental designs to assess my research interests. Furthermore, I have developed several figure schemes for the statistical software Stata which seek to improve existing data visualization practices (see: here).

Research Projects (funded)
  • “The Causes & Consequences of Extreme Party Entry”: funded by SNSF Ambizione Grant (CHF 696’283) & SNSF Scientific Exchanges (CHF 10’200).
  • “Voter Competence and the Complexity of Political Messages” (with Céline ColomboRoman Senninger): funded by Aarhus University Interacting Minds Center (DKK 65’000) & Department of Political Science University of Zurich (CHF 16’000).
  • “Seeking the Personal Vote: How Legislators Exploit the Party Line” (with Florian Foos, Sarah Cohen, Gidon Cohen, Patrick M. Kuhn, Kyriaki Nanou, Nick Visalvanich & Nick Vivyan): funded by British Academy Small Research Grant (£ 9’870).
Past research interest include: