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Refereed Journal Articles
  1. 2017. “Ideological Congruence between Party Rhetoric & Policy-Making.” West European Politics: forthcoming.
  2. with Roman Senninger. 2017. “Simple Politics for the People? Complexity in Campaign Messages and Political Knowledge.” European Journal of Political Research: forthcoming.
  3. with Roman Senninger. 2017. “Working in Unison: Political Parties and Policy Issue Transfer in the Multi-Level Space.” European Union Politics: forthcoming.
  4. with Markus Wagner. 2017. “What Makes Parties Adapt to Voter Preferences? The Role of Party Organisation, Goals and Ideology.” British Journal of Political Science: forthcoming.
  5. 2017. “New Graphic Schemes for Stata: plotplain & plottig.” Stata Journal 17(3): 748-759.
  6. with Luca Bernardi, Laura Morales & Maarja Lühiste. 2017. “The Effects of the Fukushima Disaster on Nuclear Energy Debates and Policies: A Two-Steps Comparative Examination.” Environmental Politics: forthcoming.
  7. 2017. “Towards a Renewal of the Niche Party Concept: Parties, Market Shares and Condensed Offers.” Party Politics 23(3): 220-235.
  8. with Simon Fink. 2015. “Repression as a Double-Edged Sword: Resilient Monarchs, Repression and Revolution in the Arab World.” Swiss Political Science Review 21(3)377–395.
  9. with Thomas Saalfeld. 2013. “Minority-Ethnic MPs and the Substantive Representation of Minority Interests in the House of Commons, 2005-2011.” Parliamentary Affairs 66(2): 305–28.
Under Review

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Working Papers
  1. with Markus Wagner. “Invasive Parties: Do voters polarize when extreme parties enter parliament?”
  2. with Florian Foos. “Federalism and Party System Fragmentation: On the unintended consequences of increasing decentralization.”
  3. with Patrick Dumont, Albert Falco GimenóIndriði H. Indriðason. “Pieces of the Puzzle: Coalition Formation & Preference Compatibility.”
  4. with Roman Senninger. “What Kind of European Union Oversight Do Voters Want from Parties?”
  5. with Roman Senninger. “Party Policy Diffusion in the European Multi-Level Space.”
Ongoing Projects
  • with Tobias Rommel. “The Economic Costs of Revolution.”
  • with Florian Foos. “When the Sun stopped shining: Identifying the effects of right-wing media consumption on public opinion towards immigration.”
  • “The Randomness of Issue Ownership Theories: How external shocks drive public perception of party competence.”
  • with Denise Traber. “Clutter: How much information do party manifestos contain?”
  • “Invasive Parties” book project
Research Projects (funded)
PhD Thesis

Does Protest Matter? Parties’ Rhetorical Reactions to Protesters’ Claims