Help for Writing

Writing is tedious. Yet, there are a range of tools that can help you to improve your output – both in quantity and quality:

  1. Switch to LaTeX. Yes, it is a steep learning curve, but worth to be learnt.
  2. Never cite by hand, do it automatically. I use mendeley, because it is free and has a decent workflow with TeX. Learning curve is super flat, everything straightforward and simple.
  3. Use sublime text to write, code, to produce any type of text. Sublime text is a “swiss army knife” text editor which comes with all sorts of helpful tools improving your coding and thereby saving you a lot of time (brief intro).
  4. English isn’t my mother tongue. I use webpages listing synonyms and netspeak to improve my English writing.
  5. Read books about how to write academic texts. I personally can highly recommend Plümper’s “Effizient Schreiben” as well as “They say, I say“.