Diffusion of Party Ideology

Almost since the end of World War II, transnational cooperation among political parties has been a common feature of European politics. The perhaps most well-known example is the idea of third way politics. Namely that social democratic parties coordinate their policy ideas across borders. While such historical instances of transnational partisan cooperation have been relatively well-documented, however, its contemporary forms have rarely been studied in a systematic fashion. This project seeks to investigate party policy diffusion in the European multi-level space both theoretically as well as empirically:

  • What are the main factors driving party policy diffusion?
  • Which role do the European Union institutions plays? Do they reinforce diffusion across parties?
  • What are the main outcomes which are affected by party diffusion (e.g. positions, organizations)?
  1. “Working in Unison: Political Parties and Policy Issue Transfer in the Multi-Level Space” (with Roman Senninger)European Union Politics.
  2. “How the European Parliament Influences National Parties’ Policies” (with Roman Senninger & Lawrence Ezrow), under review.
  3. with Roman Senninger & Fabio Wolkenstein. “Theorizing Party Policy Diffussion in the European Multi-level Space.”
    • Paper in progress (to be submitted for inclusion in a special issue in: Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties)