Downloads & Programming

You can find packages I programmed myself below as well as any replication materials to replicate my publications. Please feel free to contact me if you miss any relevant information.

Notice: Code comes for free, but programmers put a lot of work into it. Thus, please cite the papers/publications introducing code.

Stata programming

blindschemes for Stata:

  • While Stata’s computational capabilities have intensively increased over the last decade, the quality of its default figure schemes is still a matter of debate amongst users. Clearly some of the arguments speaking against Stata figures are subject to individual taste, but others are not, such as for instance: horizontal labelling, unnecessary background tinting, missing gridlines, oversized markers. The two schemes introduced here attempt to solve the major shortcomings of Stata’s default figure schemes. The schemes come with 21 new colors, of which seven colors are distinguishable for people suffering from color blindness. This package provides users with four new figure schemes: plotplain (plain and simple plotting environment, avoids chartjunk); plotplainblind (plain and simple plotting environment, avoids chartjunk + colorblind friendly); plottig (replicates R ggplot in most regards); plottigblind (replicates R ggplot in most regards + colorblind friendly. [Description] [PDF]

To install in Stata type:

ssc install blindschemes, replace all

set scheme plottig, permanently

standard2 for Stata:  

  • program to log, mean center and standardize (by 2 stand. dev., see: Gelman 2008) a list of variables [Description] [Ado]

emdb for Stata:

  • program to replace stata’s built in e(b) matrix with a specified matrix called “draw”. For more explanations why you might want to use this wrapper, please consult the description. [Description] [Ado]
LaTeX Citation Files (.bst)
  • .bst files replicating APSR, AJPS, BJPS, EJPR & Party Politics citation styles. [ZIP-File]