Update stata figure schemes + postmaterialism

I made some tiny changes to my stata figure schemes:

  • areas of confidence intervals are solid and gray (distinguishable from background)
  • xylines are by default shortdash in all schemes
  • xylines are reddish in plotplainblind & plottigblind
  • xylines are plr1 (red) in plottig
  • minor ticks in the x- and y-axes were added in plottig & plottigblind

The newest version of the schemes can now be downloaded within Stata. In Stata type:

ssc install blindschemes, replace all

set scheme plottig, permanently

A plot with plottig looks now like this…


And this figure shows you the rise of mobilization for postmaterialist protests (1980-1995, 19 Advanced Demos in Europe, EPCD data recoded into CAP codes).

Previous changes (version 1.1):

  • all legends moved to the right hand side of the plotarea
  • xylines in plotplain are no longer vvthin, but kept thin
  • size of markers in legends was increased
  • distance between markers in legends and text was decreased
  • the linepattern of the 3rd line is no longer longdash but shortdash (in plotplain; plotplainblind; plottigblind)
  • distance between the title of the y-axis and the y-axis was increased
  • plottigblind no longer uses gray color for lines, markers
  • plotplain & plotplainblind use darker and thicker gridlines

The following paper introduces the schemes and gives a brief “how to” on producing on schemes in Stata: [PDF].

Notice: Code comes free, but programmers put a lot of work into it. Thus, please cite programmers’ papers/publications introducing code.

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